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A plea to all those using LinkedIn’s publishing platform

Posted by Kirsten Hodgson on Sep 19, 2017  02:26:41 PM

It’s good to experiment.

And it could be argued that there is no wrong way to do things.


But there are two types of post I’ve seen people publish recently via LinkedIn’s publishing platform that concern me: basically because these are devaluing what is a great place to listen to people’s opinions and perspectives, to learn and to engage in conversation.


So, if you’re considering either of these things, please think twice:


Advertising your new product, service, event, or company

  • It’s great that you’ve put something new out there or you’re embarking on a new venture but there’s nothing more disappointing than seeing someone’s published a new post in your notifications, clicking on it and seeing this type of message.
  • If you want people to ignore future posts you publish then you’re going the right way about it.
  • Save your insights, tips and thought-leadership pieces for this platform and use status updates, LinkedIn email (and even Inmail if you have a premium account and there’s some value to another person in your message) for any promotion.



You’ve written a great piece? Fantastic.

  • Copy and paste it in its entirety into the publishing platform.
  • If someone’s on LinkedIn they shouldn’t have to then click through to your website to read the full piece – yes, I know, you’re trying to get more traffic but the reality is it’s a turnoff and I bet you lose a lot of people along the way.
  • People are on LinkedIn when they’re reading your piece, don’t make them navigate away (but by all means cross reference to other posts that are on LinkedIn or include a call to action that takes them to your website at the end), Visit this site
  • You can certainly use LinkedIn for both the above things but there are better features than the publishing platform for this content such as status updates, group discussions (if you’re sharing something of value), company page posts, sponsored updates or direct sponsored content (again if there’s value).


It is okay to self promote occasionally but if you want to do it within the publishing platform then please keep it to the end of your post.


I love this feature and there is so much great stuff out there – please help to make it even better by thinking twice before hitting publish!

What do you think - agree/disagree and why?

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