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A simple approach to client feedback in professional services firms

Posted byKirsten Hodgson on Mar 05, 2018  10:00:30 AM

Client feedback is the lifeblood of many law, accounting and engineering firms.


And rightly so. It’s only by understanding what your clients value and how you’re performing that you can meet, or exceed, their needs into the future.


Annual client reviews are extremely valuable, allowing you to glean both qualitative and quantitative info but there’s an opportunity to bring more ‘day-to-day’ low-level feedback into your firm. Check


Imagine getting instant feedback on:

  • whether people found your latest blog post, news alert or webinar valuable,
  • if users like your website redesign,
  • how your client found working with you for the first time,
  • any new offerings or potentially problematic areas of your service.


The list goes on.


This feedback can be automated, making it easy to gather, and you can then make quick tweaks to see how these influence things.


Services such as allow you to add smiley, ambivalent and unhappy faces to specific webpages (either as a page tab or inline widget) or emails.


While simple, people can easily add comments – allowing you to quickly find out what’s hitting the mark and what isn’t.


These types of tools are widely used in consumer marketing. I, for one, would love to see them used more widely in the professional services sector.


What’s your view? Does your firm encourage one click feedback? If so, I’d love to hear how this has worked for you. Please leave a comment below. 


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