Building a digital element into your key client management program will help you to increase both loyalty and revenue per client.
We can work with you to build a tailored program, designed around your specific objectives for each client.

For example, if you’re looking to cross-sell other services to a client we will develop and implement a plan to support that. 

By taking what you know about your clients, their goals, challenges, interests and motivations, we can help you to nurture them, using a selection of digital tactics, to achieve your objectives.

Because some of the process can be automated, it will work for you even when you’re busy. We can pre-set criteria so that how we nurture individuals’ changes depending on your content they engage with and the actions they take: ensuring it’s always relevant to them.

Best of all... everything we do can be measured – meaning we can easily refine and change things that aren’t working in order to achieve your goals.

And if you’re wanting to bring the voice of your clients into your firm, we’ve spent the past 15 years running client feedback programmers.

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