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How professionals can win new business with these two tools

Posted by Kirsten Hodgson on Jul 28, 2017  10:58:26 AM

We’re all looking for tools and insights that help us to make better decisions and increase our chances to win new business.


As well as relying on traditional sources of intelligence, it’s important to look for new sources of rich info. Tools such as the two I mention below are also invaluable when it comes to creating your buyer personas.  I find these really useful – I hope you will too!



Crystal helps you to “communicate with anyone based on personality.”


It creates personality profiles for people with an online presence, helping you communicate with them in their natural style.


I’ve looked up over 20 people I know well – some are heavy online users, while others have only a very basic presence – and in every case Crystal’s communication suggestions have been surprisingly on the money.

It’s helped me to better plan for new business meetings, structure emails in a way that resonates with the reader, and determine the most appropriate presentation style to run with.


Free features include:

  • Unlimited access to millions of profiles
  • Chrome extension, which enables you to see someone’s personality with one click as you browse LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

How professionals can win new business with Crystal click on

Paid features include:

  • Crystal for Gmail and email assistant for non-Gmail users
  • Relationship analysis (you have access to this in the initial two week trial), which shows how your personality type blends with someone else.


If you haven’t yet used Crystal, I recommend you sign up for a two week free trial, I am in no way affiliated with the product, but, when combined with LinkedIn, Twitter etc, I’ve found it extremely useful. I’d like to thank Blair Mainwaring for introducing me to this in the first place!


If you’re interested in learning more about harnessing tools to attract new clients check out our article, how to integrate digital tools to win more work.  By leveraging digital marketing you’ll both save time and attract more of the right clients for your firm.


I love this tool as a way around LinkedIn’s search limitations. There’s nothing more frustrating than only being able to see a few search results without paying a small fortune to upgrade your account, or to be told that you’re reaching commercial limits.


Recruit’Em is one of a few tools used by the recruitment industry. It makes x-ray searching into LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks (using Boolean strings) incredibly easy because all the coding is at the back end, meaning we don’t have to figure it out.


By using this tool, you can see LinkedIn public profile information for those who fit the criteria you’re searching. You’re not limited to the first 100 results because you’re viewing the results through Google or another search engine, just make sure you’re logged out of LinkedIn when you perform your search!

While some people do lock their public profiles, the vast majority of LinkedIn users don’t so it’s really easy to see the majority of their profile info. Plus if you have installed the Crystal chrome extension you can take a look at people’s personality types here too, which is hugely helpful.


When you log in you’ll need to select the network you want to search by clicking on its name on the left hand side of the screen:

How professionals can win new business with Recruit’em src=”” alt=”How professionals can win new business with Recruit’em” width=”640″ data-constrained=”true” />

Then select the country you wish to search.


Input your keywords (such as an industry sector)


Input your job title (you can search several at once e.g. CEO, Managing Director) and select ‘Show similar jobs’ if you wish to see info for related job titles.


Select level of education and keywords to exclude or leave these blank.


Then hit ‘Find your people on LinkedIn’.


You can opt to save your search or open in Google. If you do look through Google, make sure you’re logged out of LinkedIn as, if you’re not, you’ll be taken back into LinkedIn to view people’s profiles.


If you don’t like Recruit’Em, try Jobvention.



  • Sign up for the free trial of Crystal and bookmark Recruit’Em.
  • Research 5 of your top clients. How accurate are their profiles?
  • Look in your calendar for upcoming pitches, proposals, internal and external meetings. Use the tools to give you some insights into the people you’ll be meeting – they may help you shape your pitch and plan who to take along or include in your team. Make notes in your calendar based on these insights in order to ensure you get the best from your meeting.
  • Post meeting, look back on your prior notes. Did they help?

Do you use these tools? How useful do you find them? What others would you recommend to those looking to grow their business or practice?

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