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How to take advantage of LinkedIn Profinder

Posted by Kirsten Hodgson on Jul 09, 2017  02:40:49 PM

a new way for your clients and prospects to find you!

There are a number of services out there that connect clients with providers.


Yet none of them have quite the reach of LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Profinder offers a good opportunity for professional services specialists to not only find providers of services they need but to attract more of their ideal work.


That’s because LinkedIn allows people to search for specialists in a number of areas including accounting (CPA, bookkeeping, small business taxes, tax preparation, personal taxes) and law (broken down into bankruptcy, business, consumer, copyright, corporate, criminal, defence, divorce, DUI, entertainment, estate planning, family, immigration, IP, labour (employment), patent, personal injury, real estate, retirement planning, tax, technology, trademark and wills planning).


Phew, that’s quite a list.


LinkedIn’s focus is on matching customers with specialists in their local area wherever possible so this is another way for individuals and small businesses in particular to source the expertise they need…

…which is why you need to know about it!


However, there is a catch. Currently only those in the USA can sign up…however, I anticipate it will roll out globally at some point so you’ll want to be ready.


How does it work?

  • Someone selects the service they need and then fill out a short form about the type of service they need, the scope, their deadline, whether their preference is to work with the specialist in person or virtually, and the location where they need services.
  • LinkedIn Profinder sends an email to up to 5 local (if there are any) specialists who fulfil the criteria.
  • If interested, specialists respond with a short proposal. The other person will also have access to the specialist’s full LinkedIn profile.
  • The person requiring the service chooses who they want to work with and reaches out to that person.
  • Profinder steps back and the agreement is entirely down to the two parties to work out.


What do you need to do to get ready for Profinder?

All information in your Profinder profile is sourced from your LinkedIn profile so this needs to clearly position you. In particular:

  • Ensure your headline matches the services you will select (or have selected if you’re in the US and have already signed up) on Profinder. For example, if you want to receive leads for ‘Business Law’ then include these words in your title.
  • Get some good recommendations – yep, despite being relegated waaaaay down the list when endorsements came into play, recommendations are once more important! It’s good to get these in advance so you’re not scrambling at the last minute if you do decide to sign up.
  • Publish good content to LinkedIn’s publishing platform. These posts will be clearly displayed in your Profinder profile.
  • Make sure your profile is complete with a good photo and a compelling summary section.


Even though those of us outside America can’t yet access it, we can prepare for it and determine whether it’s something we want to sign up for when it does become available. We’ll be able to submit 5 proposals for free (i.e. respond to 5 requests) before having to upgrade to a LinkedIn premium business plus account.

This should provide enough time to assess whether it’s worthwhile and whether the income generated from these proposals more than offsets the cost of a premium business plus account, which is currently NZ$719.88 per annum if paid in one lump sum.

Do you think Profinder could help you to grow your practice? 


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