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Improve your SEO by publishing to LinkedIn

Posted byKirsten Hodgson on Nov 24, 2017  02:58:49 PM

Despite publishing to LinkedIn regularly, it was only when LinkedIn rolled out its stats feature that I realised how highly published posts rank in Google search results.


Two of my posts were getting lots of views 6 months to a year after they were published and I didn’t know why. When I looked at the new stats feature I saw 100% of the traffic to them was from Google. When I mentioned this to a colleague she whipped out her iPhone, went onto Google, typed in “How to view someone’s LinkedIn profile without them knowing”, turned to me and said “yeah, it’s coming up right near the top of the search results”.


I then did the same thing for a couple of other posts, much more niche focused, that were still getting a few views each week, well after being published, and they too were appearing high up Google search rankings for related terms.


I’d posted some of these on my blog but this didn’t appear to negatively impact the ranking of the LinkedIn posts – I’d be really interested in your findings on this point. Have your posts been negatively affected as a result of doing this?


What does this mean for you?


If SEO is important to you and your firm and you want to be found for specific topics:

  • Put together useful content that answers your clients’ and prospective clients’ questions.
  • Use long-tail keywords in your title. For example, if people regularly ask you how to set up a shareholders agreement, then make that the title.
  • Tag your posts so that LinkedIn can categorise them – scroll to the bottom of your post in draft format to find this feature.
  • Publish this content to LinkedIn and encourage your colleagues to share it – you can also share it within any relevant LinkedIn groups (provided the group owner permits this) as a status update (or a series of updates over a longer time period), via your company page, Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc.
  • Monitor visitor traffic over a 6 month period.
  • Let me know what happens!


Make sure you publish posts with a long shelf life as it seems to take around 2 months to see traction via Google as highlighted below (n.b. this is not typical for my posts – most of them get far fewer views and are much more up and down in terms of traffic from Google – some weeks there are more views than others but there are still some views coming from Google each week).


How to find the stats feature:

  • Go into one of your published posts – either by clicking through from your profile, or hovering over the Profile tab on the LinkedIn toolbar, selecting ‘Your Updates’ from the dropdown list and then clicking on the ‘Published’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘View stats’ button that appears at the top of your post next to the Edit button.
  • To view stats for other posts, simply scroll through your posts within the ‘View stats’ page and the relevant stats will appear.

Remember, as with everything you publish online, to make your post relevant to your audience. Solve a problem, raise awareness or educate, don't sell or promote via your content.

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