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The future of digital marketing for professional services firms

Posted byKirsten Hodgson on Feb 26, 2018  01:47:08 PM

Over the past couple of years I’ve seen LinkedIn and other social networks have really focused on driving users to pay for their services. While there is still a lot you can do for free, going forward, if you want to leverage these channels to generate more revenue for your firm, you’ll need to adopt an inbound approach to marketing.


That means using social media marketing, content marketing and SEO to draw more of your ideal clients and prospects to your services.


It’s not enough to publish a stand-alone post on the platform, to pop your content up on your company page and ask relevant people in your firm to share it.


Instead you’ll need to map out your content thinking about what is relevant to which clients and prospects at what stage of their client journey.


You’ll then want to connect the dots between your various pieces of content so that if your ideal clients and prospects are interested in a particular area you can draw them in by pointing them to other content they’ll value.


And you’ll then want to use some of LinkedIn’s (and other relevant social networks’) paid for features as one way to put the right content in front of the right person at the right time.


Then, of course, once you’ve got people looking at your content you’ll want to know who they are. You can use targeted marketing automation to nurture prospects into clients and delight existing customers.


This isn’t easy – you have to plan out entire sequences and then test and refine these based on real time results.


That’s why I have partnered with Justine Parsons fromYour Virtual Assistant and together, we’ve signed up as a Hubspot partner: they are clear leaders in this area and we want to learn from the best so that we can offer you the best advice and support.


As accredited partners we’ll be able to help you build digital campaigns designed to help you achieve your specific objective – be that to surprise and delight an existing client segment or to attract a specific demographic to your firm.


If you want to understand digital marketing better and run your own inbound marketing campaigns, we’ll be launching our inbound marketing masterclasses shortly. You'll learn the exact steps you need to take to delight your existing clients, and attract more of your ideal ones. You can register your interest here.

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